Knitting pattern boot cuffs

Boot cuffs knitting pattern Olga Beckmann

Boot cuffs knitting pattern Olga Beckmann

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My new knitting design Two buttons boot cuffs. Wear the perfect boot cuffs with your skinny jeans and tall boots. They keep your legs warm!

Finished measurements: to fit an adult, 7“ (ca. 18 cm, circumference ca. 36 cm) long, 7“ (ca. 18 cm) wide.  Yarn suggested: Aran / 10 ply (8 wpi) or Worsted / 10 ply (9 wpi). The cuffs you see on the pictures are knitted with DROPS Big Fabel, colorway 101. The pattern is in English. Both written and charted instructions are provided. You can also choose to purchase the  pattern separately or the e-book knitting pattern „Boot cuffs. Favorite accessories to knit“.  I would you like to show the boot cuffs in the look book.

Boot cuffs knitting pattern Olga Beckmann

Boot cuffs knitting pattern Olga Beckmann

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  1. On the Two button boot cuff. When you knit up the side of the cable portion do I just pick the two stitches up and then knit them together (similar to crocheting two together) and then continue to the top and pick up the remaining stitches. Thanks

    1. Do pick up knitwise one stitch from the Border with buttonholes together with one stitch from the Border in garter stitsh. Do work similar to „knit-in hem“, as shown here.

  2. I purchased your Two Button Boot Cuffs pattern and I am confused about what to do with the extra stitch you cast on. It’s listed as an edge stitch, but i’m unclear as to what to do as I’m working through until it’s needed. Thanks for your help!


    1. Do work one edge stitch that is better for picking up. Seam Edge is the most common method. With the seam edge an edge stitch is worked in every row. This is the ideal preparation for picking up stitches for a border finish. For left cuff: on the RS the first st knitted, on the WS purled. For right cuff: the last st (19th st) is edge st, to knit on RS, to purl on WS. Have a nice knitting time!

  3. Оль, тебе б романы писать face-smile.png Я аж зачиталась face-smile.png Красиво так пишешь!
    А манжетики просто прелесть!!! Очень здорово смотрятся, и идея замечательная!

    1. Инна, спасибоface-smile.png, я очень рада твоим комментариям! Жажду любого творчества, в языке особенно.

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