Clever felt and leaf – Finishing

The pattern instructions include two parts, the knitting instructions and photo tutorial for the felt wire with the finishing instructions. Start reading here: Clever felt and leaf DPN holder and more.

Felt wire

1. Cut of the florist wire. Dip the end of your yarn in hot soapy water. Begin to wrap the wire as shown.



2. Work the next step with wet hands. Turn the wrapped end as shown, make a very small loop. Continue wrapping with wet yarn to end.


3. Turn the second wrapped end, make a small loop and wrap a little to much.
4. Dip the second wrapped end into hot soapy water. Roll in one direction between wet fingers and felt.
5. Wrap the wire twice from one loop to the next with wet hands.
6. Cut of the yarn and felt this point with hot soapy water.
6. Dip the wire into hot soapy water, roll the wrapped wire in one direction between wet hands. Be careful with the end of yarns, felt the points very well. It won’t take very long to felt, only a couple of minutes.
7. After rinsing, leave to dry.


With sewing needle and sewing thread fix the leaf on the felt wire. Decorate the second tail with a felt bead and small pearls you love. Enjoy!

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